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Eyeglass and Lens Cleaner 250ml

Eyeglass and Lens Cleaner 250ml

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Ecomoist Optical and Eyeglass Cleaner is a natural, biodegradable and hypo-allergenic cleaner, to be used on all normal eye glasses, reading glasses, sunglasses , camera lenses and other optical lenses.

The product is made in the UK and comes with a very soft Microfiber towel. The formula has been created to protect and clean optical lenses without harming the coating of the glass. Please note the Cleaner can not be used on Contact Lenses.

Direction of use:

Simply spray a little Ecomoist® EyeGlass and Lens Cleaner on the towel and wipe gently the surface of the application. Use the dry side of the towel to remove additional streaks.

Also, You can use for:

  • Eye Glasses
  • Optical Devices
  • Sunglasses
  • Camera Lens
  • Telescope

Eyeglass Cleaner Box Contains:

  • 250ml Ecomoist Natural Lens Cleaner Bottle
  • 40cm x 40cm Extra Fine Microfiber Towel

Why Ecomoist Natural Lens and Eyeglass Cleaner?

  • Powerful Cleaning: Ecomoist Lens Cleaner Protects your reading glasses with this Natural LENS CLEANING kit that will gently remove all dust, dirt, stains, grease and
  • Natural Product: This Vegan Natural, Effective Eyeglass Cleaner is safe to use around young children and pets as it’s totally free of severe or artificial chemicals and does not contain any type of alcohol. Ecomoist cleaner also has naturally occurring Anti-Static properties.
  • Compact Bottle: 250ml bottle (Use for Office and House). The Ecomoist Lens Cleaner includes 40x40cm premium quality soft Microfibre cloth and full instructions for use. The kit is well packed inbox.
  • Safe Product: Ecomoist Eyeglass and Lens Cleaner is a gentle yet highly effective made from natural, sustainable, Eco-Friendly, Bio-Degradable and Hypo-Allergenic ingredients. Ecomoist is safe to use around young children, pregnant women and pets. It does not contain harsh chemicals so it will not damage or affect the coating on your glasses.
  • Complete Cleaning Solution: A perfect solution to clean all your optics. All natural optical grade, anti-static lens cleaner that’s best for Spectacles, Glasses, Sunglasses, Binoculars, Telescope, Microscope and Camera lenses Sourced, Made & developed in the UK.

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