"Ecomoist Launches in Major European Markets" (Spring 2017): In a significant step towards global expansion, Ecomoist announced the launch of its products in several key European markets. This move marked the beginning of a promising global footprint for the brand.

"Ecomoist Introduces Innovative, Non-Abrasive Cleaning Solution" (Summer 2018): In a bold step towards innovation, Ecomoist launched a new, non-abrasive cleaning solution for sensitive tech devices. The solution received rave reviews for its effectiveness and gentle formulation.


Ecomoist Enters Asian Market with Strategic Partnerships" (Winter 2018): In an important move for global expansion, Ecomoist partnered with key distributors in the Asian market, making their eco-friendly cleaning solutions more accessible to this vast consumer base.


"Ecomoist Launches Subscription Service for Businesses" (Spring 2019): In a bid to make tech hygiene more manageable for companies, Ecomoist launched a convenient subscription service. This service delivers Ecomoist cleaning products to businesses on a regular schedule, ensuring they never run out of supplies.


"Ecomoist Announces a Major Reforestation Initiative" (Spring 2020): Reinforcing its commitment to the environment, Ecomoist launched a major reforestation initiative. For every product sold, Ecomoist pledged to plant a tree, thereby creating a more significant positive environmental impact.


"Ecomoist Reveals New Biodegradable Packaging" (Summer 2020): As part of its ongoing sustainability efforts, Ecomoist revealed new biodegradable packaging for all its cleaning products. The move was applauded by both customers and industry peers for aligning with the company's eco-friendly values.

"Ecomoist Collaborates with Schools to Promote Tech Hygiene" (Autnm 2021): In an effort to promote tech hygiene among younger generations, Ecomoist partnered with several schools to conduct educational workshops. This initiative underscored the importance of clean tech devices for optimal performance and longevity.


"Ecomoist Terminates Exclusive Dealership with Zamaz due to Gross Misconduct and Mismanagment of the brand" (Spring 2023): In a significant development, Ecomoist has announced the termination of its exclusive dealership with Zamaz PLC due to gross misconduct and mismanagement of the brand. This decision comes as Ecomoist upholds its commitment to ethical business practices and the values it holds. The company is currently exploring new partnerships and distribution channels to ensure the continued availability of their eco-friendly tech cleaning solutions to customers globally.