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Ecomoist Vinyl Cleaner 250ml

Ecomoist Vinyl Cleaner 250ml

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Is your DVD or Blu-ray Player suffering from poor playback? The Ecomoist  Blu-ray/ Vinyl / CD and DVD Cleaner Kit contains everything you need to help instantly revive sluggish DVD and Blu-ray players and restore sound and picture quality.

This cleaning disk has been specially designed for Blu-ray, CD, DVD players, mobile DVD players, and game consoles.

This is the only way we can maintain our (and your) exacting standards. Vinyl Clear’s formula contains laboratory grade pure Isopropyl Alcohol, non-ionic wetting agents and laboratory grade Deionised Water.

We do not import cleaning fluid from China. Vinyl and DVD Cleaner is formulated and is manufactured in the UK.

It allows you to restore your Vinyl Record Collection to it’s just pressed quality. Why not enjoy crystal clear sound again with the industry standard vinyl record cleaning fluid.

A premium quality record cleaner that’s made using laboratory-standard ingredients that contain anti-static properties which stops your vinyl attracting dust.

Pure Organics Advanced Record Cleaning Fluid & large microfiber cloth. This kit contains a full-sized 250ml bottle of special pure fluid with atomiser spray & and large microfiber (40cm x 40cm) ultra-fine cleaning cloth.

Your records will be gently cleaned to look, feel better and sound their best.

Direction of use:

Simply spray a little Ecomoist Vinyl cleaner on the Microfiber towel and wipe gently the surface of the Vinyl record, CD or DVD. Use the dry side of the towel to remove additional streaks.

Also You can use for:

  • CD
  • DVD
  • Vinyl
  • Blu ray
  • LP

Box Contains:

  • 250ml Ecomoist Natural Vinyl Cleaner Bottle
  • 40cm x 40cm Extra Fine Microfiber Towel

Why Ecomoist Natural DVD Cleaner?

  • Natural Vinyl Cleaner for all Vinyl’s , CD’s, DVD’s . Naturally Anti-Bacterial
  • Size 250 Ml bottle comes fine Micro Fiber Towel 40cmx40cm. Made in Britain.
  • Natural and green products, Bio Degradable and Hypo Allergenic. Use safely around children and pets.
  • No Ammonia and Alcohol. Cleans and protects your Vinyl records, CD’s and DVD’s. Preserves surfaces that has been treated.
  • Environmental friendly and all bottles can be reused many times over again when they are empty.
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