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Ecomoist Lens Cleaning Wipes (200pcs)

Ecomoist Lens Cleaning Wipes (200pcs)

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  • 🎯 SMART SZIE: ANTI FOG WIPES: It can easily fit in your pocket, handbag and in anywhere you would need it for ready-use to clean and wipe iPhone, Eyeglass with high quality microfibre cloth
  • ✔️ 200 PIECES LENS WIPES CLEANER: suitable for all optical surfaces including smartphones, tablets, laptops, mobile phones, camera’s and LCD displays
  • 💚 NATURAL AND EFFECTIVE CLEANING: This green product is free of Alcohol and does not harm the coating of your lens, spectacle, glasses and screens. it can clean the dust, stains, fingerprints and oil from your phone, glasses, screens, or other surfaces.
  • 🖥️ MULTI-PURPOSE: Our Lens Wipes can be used on a range of optical devices including, Glasses, cameras, binoculars, telescopes and device screens.
  • 🎇 STREAK AND SCRATCH FREE: This glass cleaning wipes is Non-abrasive, antistatic micro-fine tissue cleaning wipes that leave zero scratches, streaks, marks or fingerprint on eyeglass, spectacle, lenses and mobile screen,

 Product description:

Ecomoist Glass Wipes and phone cleaner wipes are premoistened lens wipes that provide a thorough cleaning, removing dust, dirt, oil, and smudges without scratching the surface or leaving streaks.

The Ecomoist lens wipes are multi-purpose and versatile. It can be used as glass cleaners, lens wipes for camera, glass clean wipes, spectacle cleaners, camera lens wipes, spectacle cleaning wipes, optical wipes glasses, eye glasses cleaner, eyeglass wipes, glasses cleaners, iPhone cleaning wipes, screen cleaner, keyboard cleaner, camera lens cleaner, car cleaning (Indoor), glasses cleaner wipes, lens cleaner wipes, glasses lens wipes, lens wipes for glasses, smartphone wipes, glasses lens cleaner.

Our Eyeglass cleaning wipes (Lens Wipe) are natural and green, this alcohol free lens cleaner contains no harsh chemicals which means it does not harm the coating of your lens or device. These spectacle wipes are anti fog and free of harsh chemicals.

We have included a 40x40cm high-quality microfiber towel with our glasses wipes to ensure your lens and devices are sparkly clean.

 Also, you can use on:

  • Reading glasses
  • Laptop and laptop case
  • Keyboards and Mouses
  • Office accessories
  • All mobile, Smartphone and mobile phone accessories
  • Tablet and tablet accessories
  • iPhone, iPad, iPod Mobiles
  • All Monitor and Screen Models (LED, LCD, HDTV)
  • Gaming accessories (Game Console and Joy Sticks)
  • All computer accessories (Cables, Printers and Faxes)

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